If I messaged you off anon about crossfit would you answer me privately?


are you single??


I don't have a question but I did want to mention your posts of what hard work and exercise can do has inspired me to get back into shape. I guess I wanted to say thank you. It's been a long time coming.

haha anytime! i love inspiring and helping people

What's it like being a gay man in crossfit?

makes no difference when you kick every straight mans ass.

Isn't powerlifting everyday bad for your body? I'm just asking cause I've recently started crossfit lol sorry man

If you powerlift everyday when you first begin yes… becaue your body isn’t use to it. It took my body forever to even allow me to lift 5 days straight. 3 months ago i had to take wednesdays and weekends off because my body couldnt handle it.

i'm talking to this guy and he told me about his ex whose he still hurt by and i think we're good but he still acts weird and idk how to act

I get plenty of people asking me for advice but homie, he’s trying to fill a void. Take it slow and don’t invest yourself because you’ll get hurt in the end. Take care of yourself first and everything else follows. Goodluck

Do you do powerlifting three days and WODS the other three days?

i powerlift and wod everyday

If I had a box of Oreos I would be massive lol how often do you train?

6 days a week for at least two hours + lol